Expats Guide to Living in Amman

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Relocating to Amman and curious how much you will spend on living?

We have made you the perfect guide for you to have a look starting with our core service making apartment rentals on 1 month+ contracts easy. We have thousands of apartments for you to surf on our website and choose what suits you best.

Apartment Rentals 

Depending on the number of bedrooms needed, it matters. Most expats prefer living in Weibdeh, Jabal Amman, Abdoun, or Deir Ghbar. Depending on the area that they like best. 


Weibdeh is known for its heritage and the majority of the buildings there are old but gold, in many of the apartments that we have the interior is usually renovated completely. 


Abdoun is known as Mayfair of Amman, for its upscale apartments and prices. You can find studio flats in Abdoun for as little as $600 per month, which could go up to $4,500 per month depending on your preference. 

In Abdoun there are some compounds that have shared rooftops, swimming pools, gyms & spaces for you to enjoy living in the moment.

If you are looking for private swimming pools or jacuzzis then you will definitely need to pay a premium

Deir Ghbar

A residential area that has high security, the majority of expats like to live in Deir Ghbar due to its calmness and it has a nice park. You find a lot of residents taking a walk on the weekend when the weather is nice 

Jabal Amman

From the 1st circle of Rainbow street to the 4th circle where the prime minister is located. It’s a big area with different budgets and price ranges. 4th circle to 5th circle is one of the most expensive areas to live in as most apartments are modern with high finishing & a limited supply of high-quality apartments in that area  

Critical Factors while choosing the area

Distance between your living location & work

Something critical for relocators to consider is the apartment location, the closer it is to work the cheaper it is for the tenant to move in and out of the apartment on a daily basis to work. Depending on the salary wage some people are concerned with the proximity as it is a variable cost, in Jordan 22 working days per month. 

For example: 

2 JOD from my home to work

2.5 JOD from work to home (surge pricing) 

4.5 JOD per day without paying anything else

4.5 JOD * 22 days= 99 JOD per month

If you’re living in an area that social and you would spend most of your time in it then it’s definitely worth it. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of money

Walking, ubering every day,