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Welcome to Hagzi.com, below are our terms of condition that apply to this website, all its divisions and affiliates operating the electronic website which reference these terms & conditions. By accessing Hagzi.com, visiting, or using one of our services, you accept these conditions (please read them carefully). In the meantime, you confirm your understanding of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not use the Site. The Site reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Please always check the Terms and Conditions to make sure of any updates thereof. You shall use the Site according to the updates of the Terms and Conditions where you shall be deemed as accepting these updates.

This agreement is specific to the conditions and obligations of each of the (Site) and the user in respect of the services that shall be provided by the Site to the user through the website (Hagzi.com).

These conditions and obligations are as follows:

  1. The user acknowledges that he/she is over the age of (18) years.

  2. The services provided by Hagzi.com to (the user) shall be calculated as from the date agreed upon by the parties which is the date of the user subscription and / or using one of the website services.

  3. The Site shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the data, information and images contained in the website unless they are related to the website.

  4. The Site has no relation to the real estates posted on the Website or with any of their owners. Moreover, the Site has no relationship the commercial transactions (such as selling, leasing and purchase) related to the real estates posted on the website.

  5. In the case the Site was used for abuse, sabotage, harm and / or spoofing names of other companies and / or using the same for immoral matters and / or using it in any manner contradictory to the law, customs and traditions, the Site shall be entitled to cancel the user’s account without prior notice and without any legal obligations on the part of the Hagzi.com.

  6. The account shall be run by the user where he/she shall be solely responsible for addition, cancellation and amendment on his/her own account on the website, together with the survival of the Site’s right to review and monitor what it deems fit on the user’s account and delete and block out what it sees improper. Also, the administration of the Site shall have a supervisory role on the posts and the content added by users before addition (but not on all posts) as some of the posts do not appear on the Site except with the consent of the administration of the Site, as well as control over the posts after addition where the posts shall appear on the Site and then be monitored and corrected if necessary.

  7. The member and / or the user shall not be allowed to post any content that is contrary to the Site content policy, whether on the company’s website or on the social media, knowing that such posts shall be deleted directly by the administration of the site.

  8. The user shall provide Hagzi.com with the authentic personal information and with all means of communication to communicate with him/her, where such information, other than the posted data, shall be confidential and the Site shall not provide such data to any party except for legal accountability and at the request of the official authorities.

  9. The user shall use a proper (user name) in terms of decency, morality, customs and Arab culture which shall not be related to a company or a particular class or a name related to this website.

  10. The user shall be responsible for protecting the information of his/her own account on the website including the user name, password, his/her full data and other related matters posted on the Site. Hagzi shall not assume any responsibility in case such information was leaked to any other party. The owner of the account shall be fully responsible for all activities that take place under his/her password or own account.

  11. The administration of Hagzi.com shall have the right to block and / or cancel the user’s account if it is proved that the data sent by him/her is incorrect and / or contrary to reality.

  12. The formal method of communication with the (Site) shall be via e-mail. Accordingly, any important messages, alerts, warnings and / or financial claims shall be served to the registered e-mail of the user through (Hagzi.com). In case the user changes his/her e-mail, then he/she must directly inform the administration of the Site of the same. Moreover, the user shall be responsible in the event of non-delivery of any message from the Hagzi.com to him/her because of a security or technical malfunction of the company providing the user with the email service, where all information such as the password and user name shall be sent to the same e-mail account.

  13. Hagzi.com reserves its right to update and modify the terms of service and shall have the right to change the Privacy Policy from time to time as well without the need to notify the user of the same. It is the sole responsibility of the user to regularly check any update or amendment that have taken place without detracting the rights granted to him/her under this service.

  14. This entire Agreement with all its provisions has been executed to ensure the rights of Hagzi.com as well as the rights of the user and to clarify the obligations of each party. This Agreement constitutes an agreement that becomes effective and in force as from the date of the user’s subscription to the website. It shall also serve as an agreement between the two parties which shall be binding to the user and the Site.

  15. Any violation to this Agreement by the user shall jeopardize his/her account to blocking or deletion without prior notice. In addition, the user shall be subject to prosecution in case of any violation that exposes the security of the Hagzi.com or cause any harm to it.

  16. When the user clicks (Agree) stated at the end of the new user registration page with regard to the conditions set out above, granting the subscriber an account on Hagzi.com and using the account in any manner whatsoever, this shall be considered an evidence on the agreement and acceptance of the user to abide by all the Terms and Conditions mentioned above.

  17.  We will not ask you for any payments unless you are 100% sure that you need the apartment, any payment that has been paid will be non refundable and can only be amended on a case by case  depending on the owner of the apartment.

  18. All prices are set by the landlord and are able to change at anytime without any prior changes


Disclaimer Notice

  1. The information contained in this website is general- purpose information only.

  2. Despite the endeavors and exerted efforts, Hagzi does not explicitly or implicitly guarantee the completeness, accuracy, reliability and / or the continuity of the information provided by the Hagzi.com and / or the availability of the website, information, products, services or the attached drawings on the Site and for whatever purpose.

  3. Reliance on any of the information shall be definitively the responsibility of the user.

  4. Hagzi.com shall not be responsible at any time for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential damage or harm or any damage whatsoever resulting from the lack of data or profits or is related to the use of this Site.

  5. The user shall be able, through this website, to access other websites which are beyond the control of this Site, taking into account that Hagzi.com does not have any control on the nature of content or availability of such sites.

  6. Including any links in Hagzi.com does not necessarily mean that we recommend or support the posts and contents of those sites.

  7. Hagzi.com does not assume any responsibility for the temporary unavailability of the Site due to any technical matters beyond control.

  8. Hagzi shall not be responsible for any incorrect and expired images, description or posts.