300 Expats on where to live in Amman

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Living in Amman is definitely easy & safe. According to Jordan Times, we are ranked among the 9th safest country in the world. 

Confused about where to live in Amman? 

Let us guide you step by step to make an informed decision, don’t worry!

Most of the areas in west Amman are suitable to live in but to make life smoother and happier as not everyone speaks English, expats are recommended to stay in certain areas.

Jabal Weibdeh lies in the heart of old Amman, having its old artistic buildings with apartments that are redesigned with a very nice simple taste. It has all the services needed from supermarkets, grocery shops, barbers, artistic cafes, etc…

Please note that if you’re not a fan of commuting and you’re offices are further than Shmesani, it will take time for you to get in and out of Weibdeh due to heavy traffic.